Our Soft-Serve Mixes can be used as base for ice-blended beverages such as milkshakes, smoothies, and floats. They can also be used as topping in “á la mode” applications, as with pies, brownies, and other similar preparations. This premix is available, but not limited to, the flavors below. 

Chocolate Soft Serve Mix

A light brown loose powder with crystalline specks, this soft-serve mix has a chocolatey sweetness that’s distinct and familiar, evident in both flavor and aroma. Soft, rich, flavorful. 

Vanilla Soft Serve Mix

A faint yellow loose powder with crystalline specks, this boasts of a distinct milky sweetness on both the nose and the tongue. The resulting soft-serve ice cream, imbued with a subtle vanilla tinge, has unparalleled creaminess. 

Available in:

1 kg x 15 pks/case

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