Deep black with a thin mouthfeel, this free-flowing liquid has salty and sweet flavor and aroma. Your grilled meat and tempura will be imbued with a tasty Asian twist once you dip them into this awesome sauce.

Available in:

4.2 kg x 4 gals/case


This slightly thick orange sauce with thin mouthfeel is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy and works well with any deep-fried dish.

Available in:

4.4 kg x 4 gals/case


If you prefer piping hot dishes with a kick of garlic, this clear, red-orange viscous liquid will surely satisfy your chili-craving taste buds. Packed with red bits that deliver a sweet, distinct, and garlicky experience, it is best used with fried, grilled, or steamed food.

Available in:

4 kg x 4 gals/case


Rich-red-to-brownish-red, slightly thick, and with exquisite tomato taste and aroma, this fine-blended catsup is ideal for breakfast staples like eggs and hotdogs. It also goes well with sumptuous fried dishes.

Available in:

4.2 kg/gal


With a classic soy sauce aroma and a hint of calamansi tanginess, this dark brown, slightly thick Filipino dip pairs well with an array of dishes, from grilled to fried meat, dimsum, and soup. It can also be used to marinate meat and seafood.

Available in:

3.5 kg x 4 gals/case


Amber-colored, black-specked thick liquid that enhances your siopao experience further. Use to infuse your steamed buns with a sweet and slightly salty flavor.

Available in:

3.87 kg x 4 gals/case


Made of dark-red-orange-to-brownish-red-orange dipping sauce, with tiny black and red-orange specks. Drizzle, dip, and use this sauce for a blast of tomato and a glint of chili. Its sour, salty, and spicy tongue gives any dish a fiery kick.

Available in:

3.7 kg x 4 gals/case


This dark-brown thick liquid has the subtle hints of sweetness on top of distinct barbecue notes. It also boasts of a savory aroma, making it a superb sauce to serve with your chicken nuggets and other fried and grilled dishes.

Available in:

4.2 kg x 4gals/case

15 g x 200 pcs/case